The Dodge Grand Caravan Has Something for Many Driving Situations

If you need a vehicle for transporting kids, groceries, or heavy cargo, the Dodge Grand Caravan is an automobile that you'll benefit from owning. It has a unique layout that will give you opportunities to travel with cargo and passengers in practical ways.

The Dodge Grand Caravan is a strong and flexible automobile, and it has solutions for the most common travel problems. For example, when you need to transport a long ladder, you can fold the second-row and third-row seats down to maximize storage space in the cabin. Before a trip with a group, you can pull the seats up in order to provide seating for up to seven people. The big benefit is that the Grand Caravan has several spaced seats, which means that you can separate kids who fight and argue all of the time.

At Chilson's Corner Motors of Cadott, families with kids are welcomed, and everyone can take a test drive in a Dodge Grand Caravan. Our great automotive dealership is located in Cadott.



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