How to Stay Safe When Your Vehicle Slides on Icy Roads

The team at Chilson's Corner Motors of Cadott wants you to know how to care for your vehicle and how to drive well. We want you to be prepared for winter driving and it is important that you know how to handle slippery, icy roads.

If you are dealing with a front wheel skid, you have to ease off of your accelerator. This type of skid is something that can happen when you are going into a curve too quickly on icy roads. You need to slowly let off the gas to allow your vehicle to slow down and to stay in control of that vehicle.

If you are dealing with a rear wheel skid and your vehicle is fishtailing, you need to steer the vehicle to straighten it out, but you need to be careful in doing that. Do not steer too much or too suddenly. Slow the vehicle down slowly; do not stomp on the brake.



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