Check Out the Ram 3500 to See Why It Is so Durable

The Dodge Ram 3500 is a popular heavy-duty pickup truck that will last you for generations. This is a truck that you can be confident you can pass down to your children. It is a true workhorse, as the following durability features will demonstrate. You can see these in action when you visit Chilson's Corner Motors of Cadott,Llc.

The Ram 3500 stands behind its truck by offering an impressive 5 year or 100,000-mile diesel powertrain limited warranty. If you have the gas version, you will still get up to a 60,000-mile warranty. You will have no worries when purchasing this truck.

The engine itself is powerful enough to tow over 31,000 pounds. It does that by way of the 6.7L Cummins turbo diesel I6 engine. This will provide with a torque rating that reaches 930 lb-ft. That is a lot of power under the hood. You are welcome to take the Ram 3500 for a test drive at Chilson's Corner Motors of Cadott,Llc.


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