An Extended Warranty To Protect Your Car

Although there is a deductible with the Chrysler Mopar Protection Plan, it's beneficial to have the added coverage in the event that anything happens to your vehicle after the warranty has expired. Consult with Chilson's Corner Motors of Cadott to determine how long the initial warranty is so that you know when to begin the Mopar plan.

There is usually a rental allowance in case you need another vehicle to drive while yours is being fixed. The length of time for the rental coverage will depend on the plan that you choose. Determine how often you'll drive in Cadott so that you know how long you might need a rental.

The plan includes towing and roadside assistance. Key fob repair and unlocking your doors when needed is included in the plan as well, which is something to consider if you know that you aren't able to get into your vehicle when it's locked because of a malfunctioning key.



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