FWD vs. RWD: What's the Difference

Differences in drivetrains were more important during older years of car manufacturing. RWD was the original way that cars were built. This gave vehicles a lot of power since it pushed the car forward. However, it wasn't very fuel efficient and caused safety problems, which is why the FWD was created.

With FWD sedans, you get more fuel efficiency than in a RWD. These cars are pulled forward, which does not give them the same power from RWD. This is the same reason why muscle car lovers enjoy RWD and scoff at anything else, including AWD models.

Most car owners look for AWD or 4WD, which gives you the ability to get power and fuel efficiency without having to stick to one drivetrain.

If you are looking for a new vehicle, your drivetrain is one of the most important factors. Ask any questions and get amazing customer treatment at Chilson's Corner Motors of Cadott.
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