Important Tips to Avoid a Tire Blowout

The tires on our vehicle require maintenance the same as every other part of the vehicle. Failure to maintain tires can result in flat tires or blowouts. Stop at Chilson's Corner Motors of Cadott and speak to our specialists, who are ready to help ensure your tires are in tiptop shape.

Here are some important tire tips.

  • Monitor the air pressure in the tires and keep them at the amount recommended in the owner’s manual or on the driver’s doorsill.
  • Periodically check the tread of the tires. If one tire is in need of repair, replace all of them.
  • Have your tires rotated and balanced every 6,000 to 8,000 miles.
  • Always have the wheels aligned after installing new tires.

Whether you’re having issues with your tires or just want to be diligent, we can advise you on tire care. We also offer many other automotive services. Visit us in Cadott, WI today.

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