Do Not Be Worried If Your Lease Is Ending Soon

You've had a good time with your leased car, and even got accustomed to its functions. Now it's about that time that the lease ends. What do you do next? If your lease is ending soon, don't get frustrated. You have a lot of options waiting for you.
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Here's a few of things you might do:

  • Return the car. Make it a point to return the car to the dealership, give out the keys, and walk away.
  • Extend the lease period. If you feel walking away without your beloved car is a bit painful, some dealers will let you extend their lease. That gives you ample time to decide on your next move.
  • Purchase the car. If you loved the car and got accustomed to how it works, you might have the option of buying it outright.
  • Lease another car. You can alternatively lease out another car of the same brand.

The end of your lease shouldn't cost you any sleep. Contact the finance center at Chilson's Corner Motors in Caddot, WI. Our sales team would be happy to guide you through the process and your options, moving forward.

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