Know Your Dashboard Warning Light Definitions, It Could Save You Stress

Knowing your dashboard warning light definitions could save you mountains of stress. Let's face it, when a warning light comes on, we all stress just a bit. However, knowing what those lights mean could bring the stress level down and help us to get the car to the service center on time. Here at Chilson Corner Motors of Cadott we hate stress. It is for this reason we invite you to bring your vehicle in anytime the warning light comes on.

Keep in mind that you can always look in the owner’s book to see what the lights mean. Often a brake light means you are low on fluid. In fact, fluids will make the lights turn on, which is why it’s important to bring your vehicle in for regular vehicle maintenance.

It is important to remember that the car is, in most cases, safe to drive to the service center. Once you arrive, our technicians will be able to check the vehicle out and give it the service it needs. This may save you from stress and a costly repair.

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