How to Avoid Spilling Food in Your Car During the Holidays

Last year was a disaster. You spent hours preparing a dish and a dessert to bring to the family gathering. You were only 10 minutes away when it happened. You were driving down the road at 45 miles per hour, and all the of the sudden a stop sign appears from behind a tree that was blocking it. Not wanting to illegally run the stop sign, you slammed on your brakes, hoping you would stop in time. The food you spent hours preparing is now flying through the air. When it collides with the windshield, the lids come off, and the food spills everywhere. Now you are showing up empty-handed with a messy car.

Don't let that happen again this year. Use tape to close all your containers extra tight, and use a rope to secure them in your car so they don't move.

All of our staff over here at Chilson's Corner Motors of Cadott wishes you a happy holiday and a safe, spill-free travel.
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